Before Baby Girl arrives the Hubby and I have been going out to eat more since we have the time now! We love good food and enjoy most any genre but we have a special place in our stomachs for Greek food. My husband and I started dating while we were traveling through Greece and Turkey during a summer vacation with his sister.

Much to our delight a new Greek restaurant has opened near us, and we’ve stopped by twice. Everything we’ve tried has been quite palatable. The Spanakopita,  Gyros, and Greek salad were all winners, as was the flaming cheese appetizer (Saganaki). The Saganaki is definitely not on a health nut’s radar (except maybe foods to avoid) but life is short, right? If you happen to live in the Northern Virginia area, go try Katerina’s!

Here's a glimpse of Saganaki that we sampled from a restaurant on the Left Coast.