Can I please share with you my excitement to be able to wear normal clothes after months of maternity garb? I know every pregnant woman goes through the same thing and I am no exception, but I just can’t wait to wear normal clothes again! In fact I’m so used to looking for maternity clothes I don’t even know what else is out there nowadays.  One thing I look forward to wearing (after the pregnancy pounds are shed, of course) is a cute, feminine dress. No extra material in the front!  Here are a couple of dresses I came across while perusing the internet:

I found these at Anthropologie, one of my favorite stores. If you’ve never been there, it has the cutest and most unique clothing, dishware, household goods etc. However, I have a love/ hate relationship with it as the prices are usually way out of my range. Oh well, sometimes it’s just nice to press your nose against the windowpane and look inside, you know?