If you like creative spins on things you purchase or prefer handmade, or vintage goods, then you need to visit this website! I love the variety and uniqueness of the items offered. It’s a fun place to find personalized gifts or seasonal things; I did a lot of Christmas shopping on there, and also purchased many things for my wedding. I bought my earrings, the bridesmaids earrings, ring-bearer pillow, a flower hair-pin, purses as gifts for the flower girls, and found the guest book and card box on there. It was so much fun to browse through the plethora of options, and I loved how those little touches had a one-of-a-kind feel to them. Here is even a link to a blog that catalogues Catholic artists on Etsy. If you don’t mind online shopping and are looking for fun gifts I recommend taking a look!

Right now I have my eye on this and that. ;)