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Since having a baby there are many things I’ve come to appreciate more (i.e. sleep), but here are a few of my top favorites. First, tinted moisturizer with SPF. For me this is a MUST. Every day I rush to get ready quickly while the baby is sleeping and it is so nice to have something that is 2 in 1, especially since I like to feel put together even if I’m staying at home the whole day. It’s a heck of a lot easier to do nothing but throw on clean clothes but I know if I did that I would become Frump Mom before I’m 27.

Next is COFFEE. I thought I was sleep deprived in college, taking 4hr nursing classes starting at 8am and getting up for clinicals at 4 am; little did I know what was to come… Coffee with flavored creamer has become my little morning perk. For the record my favorite coffee is from Peets Coffee & Tea, and J.C. Beans coffee shop in Dana Point, CA. So good!

Finally, our new camera finishes my list. In a way I feel like that character on “You’ve Got Mail”. “Frank something-or-other. The one who’s so in love with his typewriter!”. But it is a good camera! We recently purchased a Nikon D5100, and while I don’t know beans about photography I know this takes good pictures, and it’s so much fun to take pictures of the baby! It’s great to be able to snap away, and to creatively alter the photos right there on the camera. I had to wait 10 seconds in between photos with my last camera, and I think the fact that it took photos was it’s only feature. Here’s to the little things in life!