A swaddling blanket/ technique that is strong enough to keep all extremeties in place for the duration of naps/bedtime. Either I am a swaddling degenerate, or my child is part Houndini. Maybe a little bit of both. Here is how it goes when I put baby girl down for sleep: Swaddle nice and tight (according to me)

Sit on the bed and wait till she falls asleep

Seconds later hear the bewitching sound of tiny nails going, “scratch, scratch, scratch” on the mesh side of the pack n’ play

Reswaddle &/ or pop the pacifier back in

Repeat 2-3 more times PRN

She absolutely LOVES to pop her left arm out of the swaddle and scratch on the mesh. That’s usually our wake-up alarm, which I will take any day over a wail or scream.

C’est la vie.