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has a point. Yes, about forest fires, but my focus here is on PREVENTION.

Bear with me if you will because this post  is probably a cross between a rant and a venting session. Having worked in healthcare for several (does 4.5 count as several?) years, I’ve had my share of treating syndromes, blights, maladies, surgical wounds, etc., and can’t help but wonder, “What if this could have been prevented?”. Now, I am by no means saying that any and every health issue is preventable. HOWEVER, I truly think knowledge is power, friends. The more you know about the sniffles, the better suited you are to fend them off.

I feel that education regarding health issues is SO important. For example, I work with people on dialysis. That means their kidneys don’t work, so they need extra fluid escorted from their body via another route, and toxins expunged from their blood. The two biggest suppliers of kidney failure that we have to thank are diabetes and high blood pressure.

It saddens me to see people’s kidneys go kaput because they didn’t take their BP medicine, or were unable to control their blood sugar. Maybe they couldn’t afford their prescription, or they did not understand just what would happen if they didn’t inject their insulin regularly. Possibly it was never made clear that a steady ingestion of Ramen noodles, soda, and potato chips does not a well-rounded diet make. If the education and compliance had been there to begin with, maybe kidney failure would not be in the picture.

Along these same lines, sometimes it seems people do not want/care to know about their health issues. They’d rather show up, get the treatment, and get home asap. Don’t care about what medications are administered, don’t care about what the procedure is (as long as it doesn’t hurt). NO. Ask questions, understand what is being done, get information about what meds you are prescribed!

I’ve had discussions before that went something like this:

“Your blood pressure is really high. It’s reading 201/103. Have you been taking your BP medicine?”

“Oh yeah, I’m out of it. I need a refill called in for me.”

“How long have you been out?”

“A few days.”

“Okay. What are you taking?”

“I don’t know the name. I think it starts with a ‘C'”.

“Okay…let me look in your chart and see if I can figure out what you need.”

(Walk away thinking, “why is this my life?”)

Cover of: The Case of the Not-So-Nice Nurse (Nancy Clue Mysteries) by Mabel Maney

Maybe I ask too much of people, and clearly I am not the most patient, kind, or compassionate nurse, but I get frustrated at the thought that I know more about some people’s health history than they do.

So basically my two cents on matters of health:

1. Keep track of the meds you take (make a list and carry it on your person)

2. Everything in moderation (You can eat, drink, and be merry. No need to intake only H2O & bulgar wheat.)

3. Exercise! (says the woman who considers clomping around a dialysis unit 3x/wk a sufficient workout)

Enough ranting/ nagging. I apologize for the boring post. Go read something fun.