My niece is 2 3/4 and already has a bold personality for such a little lady. Things that pop out of her mouth often give our family a good laugh (gotta love the things kids say). She has a pretty extensive vocabulary, which is probably more advanced than mine. And if she thinks you are wrong she has no problem correcting you, but it’s so endearing in that she says what she knows is true.

Here are some of her amusing comments:

-When I asked her, “When do you think baby Addy will be here?”

She responded, “No. Her name’s baby ADDISON.”

-One time she commented on how cute one of her baby cousins was and my husband asked her, “What does ‘cute’ mean?”

Without missing a beat she responded, “Little!”.

-When I was pregnant with my daughter my niece wanted me to hold her a lot, and when I’d pick her up she’d say, “I sitting on baby Evie!”

-Passing by a place of business that triples as a car, bike, and dog wash (still unsure if that means you could get all done together or just separately), she commented,

“When I’m a dog, I can go there!”

Oh, such childlike innocence.