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This week’s is hosted over at Betty Beguiles!

1. Read some beneficial advice about a good way to start your day here.

2. My husband and I just get each other small things for Valentine’s day, so I customized a chocolate bar him. I found the idea on this blog. I loved the idea and had fun picking out the goodies to add, but I am seriously biased as I am a mammoth chocoholic.

3. Have you ever had baked brie? You know, brie with some sort of fruit/nut topping covered in pastry? If you haven’t, TRY it. So good! I found a recipe for brie/apple pastries that I am going to attempt this weekend. We shall see how they turn out.

4. My SIL lent me The Hunger Games to read. I have absolutely no idea what it is about, but it seems everyone is commenting on it! My husband picked it up yesterday and has made a large chunk of headway into it’s pages, so I’m looking forward to entering into this latest book  craze.

5. Also looking forward to snatching up Style, Sex, and Substance when it hits the stores!

6. I can’t believe Lent starts next week! I need to start thinking about things I need to give up, and things I should add. One thing I know I need to start doing is going to daily mass at least once a week. Thankfully Lent is a great time to kick me back into gear spiritually.

7. *This one is not for the faint of stomach. Read on if you dare*

Yesterday at work was ridiculously busy. Many machines weren’t working, several phone calls had to be placed to MDs, and it was topped off with copious amounts of emesis to be cleaned up (not mine). Then my poor baby girl had her first bouts of emesis is the wee hours of the morning. She’s been such a healthy baby, and it was so sad to see her sick. However today she seems to be her happy self and back to normal. *Hoping* for an emesis-free Friday for all!