My husband’s birthday was this past week and I tried to throw him a surprise party. I haven’t thrown many parties, but I wanted to try and do something a little different from my usual go to of streamers, paper plates, pizza (you get the idea). For food I bought some frozen and fresh finger foods from Costco (lifesaver!), and one of my sister’s graciously made some delish appetizers. I also bought those fancy-ish plastic plates, and “silver” plastic utensils. Unfortunately I didn’t take many photos, and some are “after the fact” but here’s a quick snapshot:

Scrabble banner from Etsy

I purchased chalkboard contact paper and colored chalk from Amazon, and just cut out some labels for everyone’s cups/ glasses!

I  also purchased Mason jars from Amazon (they were cheaper than I thought), and used those to hold utensils and such. I also made labels for them and just wrote some Happy b-day messages.

Tealights and sand for a little decoration

Straws from Hey Yo Yo shop on Etsy

For dessert I really wanted to make these Irish Car Bomb cupcakes, however reality set in that I no longer have copious amounts of time to spend on fun baking sprees, SO I ordered cupcakes from Persnickety Cakes! They were so scrumptious, and had so many flavors to choose from. I was told I could do one of every flavor, but I decided on Strawberry with filling, Cafe Caramel, Peanut Butter, Cookies & Cream, and Vanilla cake with chocolate frosting. 

Edible arrangement in the background completed dessert!

It was a fun party, and I can’t wait to plan another!