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1. One thing about working in healthcare- you sign your name A LOT. However, try as I might, I cannot seem to master the whole sign-so-fast-it’s-a-perfect-scribble signature, you know? I think it’s a mental thing because A) I always imagine a judge glaring down his nose at me  and bellowing, “I can’t read what this says!” (my train of thought: protect my license) Paranoid? Possibly. B) I don’t think I could duplicate the same scribble multitudes of times. Ergo I am always in awe of doctors who sign their orders with a squiggle. Such as:

Sans the blue color as that is not allowed.

2.  It never fails to amuse me how nurses/ doctors/ techs/ hospital personnel are portrayed in t.v. shows. They always seem to have scads of free time for gossip and drama, and work is a large part of their social life. Ha! Not accurate. When you wish you had an IV hooked up so you wouldn’t have to worry about hydration at work, or a (sorry for the crudeness) foley hooked up to a leg bag because you have too much to do, then you most certainly don’t have time for a social life during work. I think one of my favorite misrepresentations I’ve seen is on House: doctors inserting IVs, administering medications, putting in foley catheters, etc. Never seen it happen, and don’t think I ever will. Don’t get me wrong, I have nothing against doctors, it’s just that generally those tasks are delegated to nurses. The medical field is just a *smidgen* less glam than Hollywood makes it out to be.

3. Beautiful prayer I came across: 

4. Junior year of nursing school is when we had our Nursing Dedication ceremony. It comes at the perfect time because it’s a rough year, and the ceremony is like a helpful push to make it to Graduation. 

My SIL, and me (FUS grads) in my nursing outfit (hat not practical, but cute!).


6.  A few saints I pray to before work:

St. Catherine of Siena, St. Raphael, St. Elizabeth of Hungary

Thank the Lord for occupational patron saints!

7. When I was younger I was TERRIFIED of shots, needles, stitches being removed, you name it. My entire being became queasy and flaccid whenever anyone spoke of blood or described medical procedures. I remember one time in junior high when a teacher was talking about an open heart surgery procedure she was able to see with one of the science classes. I had to restrain myself from clutching my chest and falling to the floor, so traumatized was I at hearing the gory details! So I’m not quite sure how I got from there to here. God has a sense of humor.

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