I love reading to Miss E, and she seems to love being read to! My husband and I are fairly avid readers (he has reads a great variety of books while I admit most of mine are chick-lit or popular fiction) so we’re hoping she will be too. One of my goals for Lent is to start reading read He Leadeth Me by Fr. Walter Ciszek. It’s been on my to-read list for years!

One child series I find really cute is the Duck & Goose series:

We also have one about opposites and one about numbers. I decided to use the number one to take monthly photos of Miss E.

Really mom?

I know every parent says this about their kiddo but…isn’t she so cute?!

Have you heard of the Goodnight Our World series? There’s board books for many different states/ areas of the country. I think they are fun especially for families that have moved around.

A couple more favorites are Snuggle Puppy: a little love song ( read only- I sing to my baby but I cannot bring myself to sing a book) and

Who Lives in the Pond? 

Any other good books for babies?