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1. As I am so completely and utterly NOT a morning person, I am very grateful for coffee with flavored creamer that helps keep my bleary eyes open in the AM. It’s the small joys in life. 

2. We’ve been watching this on Hulu, and I just realized that it doesn’t actually air on t.v.  It’s pretty interesting- Master chess-player becomes master mystery-solver.

3. Really enjoy this blog, and thought her guest post about morning tips for moms was some great stuff. Maybe not everyone’s parenting style, but it’s worth a look! I just wish I could channel her wisdom and patience.

4. Whilst driving to work @ 0545 Alan Jackson’s “It’s 5 o’clock Somewhere” came on the radio. Yes, yes it is.

5. We’ve been having amazingly warm weather this past week and I am hoping it will just sail straight into Spring. I’m ready to stash my boots and clad my feet in my new sandals from Lands End Canvas.I’ve had both eyes riveted to them since the summer, and the price fin-a-lly came down. The best part was I found it was cheaper to order another sale item with them- free shipping! So I very selflessly ordered a shirt for my husband and ended up spending less than I would’ve otherwise. I LOVE good deals!

6. My husband and I were discussing different sacrifices we’ve made/ heard others make for Lent over the years, and I came to the realization that my sacrifices tend to be a bit “safe”.  For example he’s told me about people who have given up meat for the entire 40days, slept without a pillow, slept on the floor, given up all forms of bread…and all I could think was- icouldneverevereverdoanyofthosethings. I do try and challenge myself each year, and the things I give up are sacrifices, but there are THOSE THINGS that I just can’t quite get myself to relinquish for 40 days (yet). Par exemple: I am absolutely, positively, bona fide,  100% addicted to strawberry chapstick. I don’t know how or when the addiction began but it is always on my person or at my side ready to be applied. I can hardly go an hour without it. This one sounds silly but…milk would be another very difficult sacrifice, as I drink copious amounts of it. These probably seem pretty petty, but there you have it. It’s definitely something I need to think about.

7. The madness is coming…

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