1. Sleeping in until 8am (okay, or 7). In previous years I’d never apply the term so loosely. Anything before 10am on the weekends I deemed “obscenely early”.

2. Stores with carts. Never really thought about this until my arm fell off after lugging the baby carrier around a store that only had mesh buggies.

3. Places with changing tables. Even though I often yearn to hose the object down with Lysol first, still, it’s better than trekking back to the car for diaper changes.

4. Churches with close exits and large vestibules. For those times when the young-in wants to spend mass making a ” joyful” noise.

5. Sitting down to eat the same time as my husband.

6. A. Shower.

7. And at the risk of sounding self-indulgent- being able to drink a glass of wine whenever I want. Not having to calculate feeding times in my head. :)

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