Here’s a little how-to for an Easter pseudo-centerpiece. The wow factor isn’t magnificent so I’d recommend it for the kids’ table. Eons ago when I was in grade school one of the mothers taught us how to make lambs out of a stick of butter. Seeing how butter has become a lost medium, I thought I’d try my hand at one again.!

All you need is a stick of butter, knife, fork, toothpick, and whole cloves (for the eyes, although I used peppercorns and they worked as well).

First just cut a nice square off the end of the stick and affix it with the toothpick at an angle  on the end:

Then cut off all the edges of the body and the back of the head. Keep these slices on the butter wrapper or a plate and stick them in the fridge.

Next, use your fingers to round/ smooth out all the edges of the body and the back of the head.

Once that is tackled use your fingers to pinch the pointed sides of the head up towards the top like so (to make ears):

Then pinch the front of the head together towards the middle to make the nose:

Take your fork and fluff all over the body and back of the head to make the fur:

After that you can affix your eyes and legs (pieces from the fridge):

Viola! You’ll be the talk of the neighborhood with your beautiful butter lamb. To be honest though, although I washed my hands several times throughout, people don’t usually line up to make use of my butter lamb at meal-time, and I don’t blame them.

Also, here’s a link I found that has picts of butter lambs 100 times more fabulous than this.

Have a holy Triduum!