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I feel like I’ve completely fallen off the blog train for the past few months. Many, many things have transpired in such a short time. The biggest and best was that we bought a house and moved! I always envisioned such a process to be very streamlined and uncomplicated. You find a house, buy it, box things, move, hang up a sign that says “Bless Our Home”, and life moves happily on.

So, I’m not that naive but our home-buying process was completely not like that, and hence one of the biggest challenges of.my.life. My poor husband endured more “banks are the bane of my existence” rants and sobbing fests over the past year than anyone EVER.

The saga began in April 2011. Our family was growing and our condo lease was up so we began house hunting. Let me just say that watching myriads of HGTV episodes made me incredibly excited about the whole process. The area we live in is pretty pricey for our budget so we kept extending our search radius convincing ourselves we wouldn’t mind driving 30 min+ to work/family/civilization. (Although a 30min. commute is nothing to complain about!) We found a place with great bones out in the country for a fab price, BUT it needed a lot of work (we would deal), AND it was a short sale. We jumped on board with an offer, gave our notice to our landlady, and asked my parents if we could live with them for a couple of months (we could totally make do with the wait).

On a side note- there is nothing short about a short sale, unless you count the short, snippy email updates from the bank.

Fast forward 5 months, and the week before our baby was due, we got a call from our Realtor stating the sale was canceled by the bank because someone found that the previous owner was employed and could in fact afford his mortgage. ????????? Our Realtor told us she had never ever heard of anything like this happening.

My thoughts at the time:

A) This process has been going on 5 MONTHS and just now someone happened to unearth this?

B) I ABHOR banks!

C) I’m due in a week! How could this be happening?!

Our baby was 12 days late and sometimes I actually wonder if that had anything to do with how upset and stressed I was at our situation. Who knows.

So after a few weeks full of no news we found out that the previous owner was, in fact, unemployed and the longest sale ever could continue. By October we realized this thing was not moving along and there was no end in sight. We decided to begin house hunting again and  ended up finding a cute fixer-upper with good bones, a great price, in a great location, NOT a short-sale, and…our offer was accepted. Yay! We were so very excited to be closing in a month, however the house inspection showed that the septic system absolutely had to be replaced.

I am absolutely clueless when it comes to home maintenance pricing, and thought “Wow, that will probably be at least $5,000.” It costs upwards of $30,000 to replace one!!!! Thankfully the owners agreed to cover the cost. The paperwork was started, and we hoped to close by late December. During this time the county graciously took their precious time with all of the paperwork (which included approving that the system did in fact have to be replaced).

I will spare you all of the mundane details of the process and fast forward again 4 months. Yes, it took the county 4 blessed months to move paperwork. I know people are busy and we were not the only residents in the area, however when you have been living in a room in a basement for a year, and sharing said room with an 8 month old baby, patience is a virtue very, very, hard to come by. So, after much back and forth with the county and mortgage company, we FINALLY closed on our house! It was a definite fixer-upper; I’m not sure how the previous owner lived in it so long without updating (see kitchen below). We hired a contractor highly recommended to us, and he did wonders. If you have survived this tome, I’ve rewarded you with photos below of before and after:


Front room before.


Front room after- painted and floors refinished. I forgot to take pictures when the house was empty!

Can’t go wrong with faux brick/ wallpaper/ trendy tile backsplash, right?

The 1960s called requesting it's flooring back.

The 1960s called requesting it’s flooring back.



The kitchen after- completely gutted. New lighting, tile flooring, new cabinets, appliances, and walls painted.


They were out of faux brick backsplash.

They were out of faux brick backsplash.

The dining room before. It was the laundry room when the home was first built.


And after! Wood paneling removed, light fixture added, floors refinished. You can see we put the old refrigerator in the next room which is laundry/ storage.

That’s all for now! I am a complete blogging degenerate and had serious issues inserting these photos the first time.