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1. Last night I tried my hand at Spaghetti Aglio E Olio (can barely spell it much less say it!) from Ina Garten- or Discalced Contessa as my sister and I call her.  I’d give the whole pursuit a B+ as when I went to carefully, like the directions said, pour the water into the hot pan, oil splattered EVERYWHERE!!! Floor, stove, me, you name it. I thought I’d have grease stains on my ceiling. I stood speechless for several seconds a feared of being singed with scorching hot oil, until I found my brain and grabbed a splatter shield. Serves me right for using a small pan to try to save on dishes.

The oily mess:

But…oh my, it was some amazingly garlicky goodness!

2. I also made my first pie of the “season” this week- apple- and the event was thankfully much less hazardous.

I feel all Susie Homemaker.

3. The apples I used were mostly from a local orchard where you can pick your own. Love it! We’re going to an Apple Festival there this weekend, and I can’t wait to gorge on partake of their Apple Cider donuts. Anyone else love all the great ‘Fests’ that Fall has to offer?

4. A pict. of Evie and I riding the cow train pulled by a lawn mower. I honestly thought the driver was going to have to ask me to dismount ol’ Bertha and help push the herd over the hill.

Big Bertha

5. I’m not especially DIY savvy but try to make cosmetic changes around the house when I can.  I visited Hobby Lobby recently for the first time, and after completely falling in love with the store purchased some hardware to update our sad linen closet cabinets.

The latest and greatest:

Uncomely old knobs


I cannot for the life of me upload pictures right into posts.

6. We had the pleasure of hearing Alan Keyes speak at our local 40 Days for Life rally last week. He gave an awesome speech about the importance of silent prayer, and going back to our Country’s motto, “In God we trust”, instead of placing our trust in the promises of people. Something I really needed to hear!

7. Christendom College is holding a memorial golf tournament today to support the athletic scholarship program. The tournament is held in memory of my brother in law’s dad who gave his life saving his youngest son from drowning. Here’s a link to the news article:


Truly a heroic story that shows the beauty of all life!

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