1. Best purchase of the week:

1 Liter of golden bliss.


2. I ordered a small drink through the drive-thru at Chick-fil-a yesterday, and as I went to pay for it the employee told me it was on them!

3. I was so touched, and definitely felt a nudge from God as a reminder to look for small charitable acts I could do for others.

4. To return the kindness back to them, I loaded up my footie PJ-ed little one at 0730 yesterday and drove  on over to Chick-fil-a to get Chicken Biscuits for breakfast. Completely selfless act? Maybe not exactly. Amazingly scrumptious breakfast? YES.

5. The weather has been perfectly fall-like the past few days- crisp, 60s, sunny. I am so thankful to make the transition from boring maternity t-shirts/ shorts to sweaters and multiple layer outfits!

6. The new Kohls in our area is catering to pregnant women (I’m sure of it) by placing the bathrooms right at the entrance of the store. Thank you! No hikes to the outer limits just to empty my bladder of 3 drops.


“Don’t worry, mom. I’m having fun.”

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