I found this great pin about spray painting boring brass bathroom fixtures to make them look new, and I knew I had found my answer to our less than dazzling towel + tp racks that came with the house. The silver/ gold look was just not cutting it for me.

I feel the need to mention that this seems to be the theme our previous owner(s?) was going for- pick nothing appealing and have everything not match.

Exhibit A:

Where do you even find things like this?

and then we have B:

So off I went to Lowes, steering my cart through the store acting like a woman who knew exactly where I was going (to absolutely not give off the impression that I am a helpless female in mans-land), to pick up my bottle of life-changing spray paint.

I attempted to remove the fixtures from the wall before painting, but they appeared to have been installed so as to never ever be removed, and my husband didn’t have much luck either. So I moved to plan B and decided to spray the fixtures whilst still attached to the wall. I know that is a huge DIY/ home improvement “no no” but I NEEDED to be rid of the hideousness! The whole look of our bathroom would improve for mere dollars! So I used painter’s tape, affixed a pseudo wall-shield using paper bags and plastic tarp, and made sure there were no holes, but somehow this happened:

The best laid plans…

Thankfully my husband found my blunder amusing and did not suggest I skip future Pinterest endeavors!

Some before/ after shots:

Nicely bronzed

At least the towel rack didn’t give me grief!