Looking back, when I was pregnant with Evie I think I went a little crazy buying maternity clothes. I did successfully wear some things that were non-maternity through the 41+ weeks I was pregnant, but I also bought several maternity pieces that either did not hold up well, or that I realized “what was I thinking when I bought this?!”, and that’s money down the drain.  Here’s what I’ve compiled so far about the wonderful world of maternity apparel:

Not particularly fond of:

Old Navy– good prices, but too many of the things I’ve purchased (maternity-wise) faded, shrunk, or fell apart.

Motherhood Maternity– I’ve found their tops to run really big, even for 3rd trimester, and also not the best quality.

So after I finally graduated from my maternity clothes (last time) I decided:

1. To avoid ON completely. I’ve been shopping there for years, and really like a lot of their stuff but feel the quality just doesn’t hold up well.

2. Only buy what I really like and make sure it’s good quality (I know- completely new concept, right?).

3. (Along with 2) I have to keep telling myself it’s worth it to spend a little more $$ in the long run for a piece of good quality clothing I like, rather than to buy something that won’t last long  because it’s a cheaper price.

4. Next pregnancy I would strive to use as much of my non-maternity clothing as possible. Blogs like this one inspired me. I’m amazed by how may of her outfits were non-maternity!

Here’s where I’ve had some good buys:

Kohls– Hit or miss and not a lot to choose from, but I shopped in the spring for winter wear and purchased several pieces for $40.

Zulily– I’ve ordered maternity and non-maternity from them. You can find higher-end clothing really marked down, but shipping isn’t fast, so keep that in mind!

Asos– Free shipping!  Can be pricey, but they have some good sales.


Not a great picture, but this dress was an Asos purchase.

Destination Maternity– I like how they combine several brands in one site. I found a couple of tops from A Pea in the Pod marked way down during a weekend sale. 

Old Navy– so, I went back on my policy of complete avoidance. I try to be really selective about what I purchase there, and I have found some cute items that I’m purty pleased with.

There you have it, my 2 cents on maternity fashion. There are several other maternity clothing stores out there on the net, however some are pretty pricey for me and I just can’t justify spending $50 on a shirt or $120 for a dress.

*If buying online, try retailmenot.com before completing your purchase! They sometimes will have coupon codes for discounts. (I found one the other day for ON that gave me an extra 20% off! Cha-ching!)