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I’m sure everyone and their mom has been called the wrong name, especially if you have a sibling. I seem to attract awkward situations  that involve this blunder, and for me the million dollar question is as follows:

What is the protocol for correction when being called by the wrong name?

I usually just quite maturely pretend I didn’t hear the person or answer them without correction. I know I’m probably bordering on the absurd, but I can’t handle confronting people when this happens! I don’t like making people feel badly or embarrassed, ergo I don’t like to correct them in this instance.

Once a doctor called work, said, “Oh hi, Mary*” when I answered, and continued talking. I had an entire conversation with her and could not get the guts to tell her that I wasn’t Mary! I later told the other nurse, “Just in case you run into Doctor Smith, she thought she had a conversation with you today.”

When I started my first nursing job my roommate, also one of my best friends, worked on the same floor and started at the same time, only she worked day-shift and I worked night-shift. Everyone thought we looked so much a like, and for the next 2 years we each dealt with multiple instances of mistaken identity. There was a lot of that, “do they think I’m another person or did they just mistake my name?” scenario.

One summer I worked odd jobs through a temp agency and one of them was working the front desk for a Realtor business. I kid you not, the owner referred to me as “Temp” in one instance. That I clearly did not address.

The latest instance was also at work, when for an entire shift, one of the patients kept calling me by another nurse’s name. Our names are pretty similar so I just went along with it.

Oh, why must awkward situations arise?

*Name changed