My grandparents are celebrating their 67th wedding anniversary next month. 67 YEARS. It amazes me to think how much life they have lived together- all of the joys, sorrows, challenges, blessings, and love they have experienced! I am blessed to have them for an example to look to for my own marriage, and hope to have as many years. :)

It’s so fun to watch them dance together.

I don’t think I’ve ever seen one without the other.

Although I am chock-full of marriage advice and experience from all of my 2 years, I wanted to share a handful of marital-related blog posts I’ve come across and enjoyed:

One of my favorite blogs, and posts! I need to keep re-reading this one.

Really liked this one Hallie from Moxie Wife wrote.

Hallie also  posted several wonderful links regarding marriage here.

This is a neat book by St. Gianna Molla of love letters she wrote to her husband. (Not sure why it’s so expensive though)

“Shared joy is twice the joy. Shared sorrow is half the sorrow.” – Swedish Proverb