My mom, sisters, and I have all been cursed saddled with fine, straight hair. It doesn’t hold curl very well, goes limp at the first puff of humidity, and on the rare occasion an updo is attempted, one  needs a full can of hairspray + a gazillion bobby pins to plaster every strand in place. I never know how to style it, and constantly waver between chopping it short and growing it out. Such difficulties.

But my daughter’s hair is a completely different story. She was born with a full head of hair and it has not stopped growing since! When she was in the nursery the nurses gave her a mow-hawk after her first bath. It is thick and curly, and %100 came from my husband’s side. Even when I comb it out wet the curls will bounce back if I scrunch it. If my hair is destined to be ruler-straight, at least I can style vicariously through Evie’s. :)