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1. St. Andrew Christmas Novena starts today!

2. I was completely shocked at how many amazing clothing sales there were for Cyber Monday and kind of really regretted buying any clothes the past few months. I am determined that next year I’ll hold out for those %50 off deals!

3. Speaking of clothes if someone created a Peplum top for maternity, I imagine it would turn out looking like the bottom half of Cinderella’s dress:

4. This past weekend was the first time both Tim and I were away from Evie overnight. My sister and her hubs graciously watched her, and said she did great (later I learned she wouldn’t sleep in her pack n’ play but took over their bed, while my BIL stayed in the guest bed). To be honest I had NO idea how Evie would sleep, and kept envisioning her screaming/ crying all night and categorically refusing to nap during the day. Thank the Lord for small miracles!

5. Cutest thing I’ve seen this week: elderly man stopping just to smell the Christmas trees at Costco.

6. For the spirit of Advent.

7. I seriously needed a good swift kick in the pants this week thanks to several emotional meltdowns, and this quote a friend posted on FB was perfect:

‎”Now is the time to begin to prepare yourself for family life. You cannot fulfill this path if you do not know how to love. To love means to want to perfect yourself and your beloved, to overcome your selfishness, and give yourself completely.” -Saint Gianna Beretta Molla

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