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Joining the linkup over at Moxie Wife today!

I love shopping for Christmas gifts, however, I’ve always found it challenging to shop for men (especially my husband)!  Unless I know a specific gift he wants, I feel completely at a loss and continually have to rack my brain for some inkling of a creative idea. 

There are only so many options that pop up when you Google “gifts for men”, you know?

My husband is a minimalist (definitely something I could stand to learn) and hardly ever buys anything for himself, much less asks for something. 

I love when people compile lists of gift ideas, so I thought I’d share some of mine in case it helps someone out!

Here are some gifts I’ve gotten Tim (and some of my brothers) over the years:

Calendar of Demotivators– from Despair.com. Because everyone needs a calendar, and a good laugh at least once a month.

Rainbow Sandals– Seriously comfortable flip-flops, and they last forever!


Pocket watch (with engraved message)– This was Tim’s request as a wedding gift.

Books– I looked at his “To Read” list on Goodreads and picked several titles from there.

Leather bookmark with his initials– My hubs is an avid reader so I wanted to get him a bookmark that would last. (Found one on Etsy.)

Nice wooden box to keep trinkets like cufflinks and pocketwatch. (Found one I liked on Etsy.)

Brian Reagan DVD/CDhilarious comedian (and clean to boot!)

Framed photos of us and our daughter for his work desk

Sleeping bag from LL Bean– monogramming offered

Mass offered for his intentions– He has a special devotion to St. Jude, so I’ve had masses offered for him at a Shrine in San Francisco we’ve both been to.

Candy bar from Chocomize– you can custom create any kind you want! (So a gift I would probably like more, but who doesn’t like candy?)

Gourmet Bacon assortment from Nueskes– Tim LOVES bacon and I don’t buy it much, so last year I googled “best bacon”, and ordered him some from Nueskes.

Bacon mug– They also have some sweet shirts here.

Personalized coasters– also off of Etsy. I uploaded scenery pictures from trips we’ve taken together and had them turned into coasters. (More of a gift for our home.)



Birdieball– Limited flight golf balls that can be used to practice anywhere.

Bottles of local/ specialty beers, whiskey, etc.

Pocket sized portable cell phone charger.

Wood Beer Caddy with bottle opener.

Wood Beer Caddy

Headphones- Earhook, earbuds, over ear… so many options in different price ranges.

Awesome socks for the retiree or beer lover.

Thanks to Hallie for hosting this linkup! I am always in need of gift ideas!