Dear Evie,

Today was your great-grandma’s funeral mass. I’m sorry that you won’t remember her, and that she was only able to see you a handful of times, but I’m grateful that she was able to know and love you. She loved each of her grand-kids and great-grand-kids, and was always expressing how proud she was of everyone. One of the things people comment on most about her is her giving spirit. (She was actually looking for a box to put a gift in when Jesus called her home.) If you’d compliment her on something she was wearing most likely she’d end up offering to give it to you!  Most of those toys you play with at Nona & Grandpa’s house are from her. She was always sending Nona toys for you & your cousins; things she found at yard-sales and thrift stores. She was the second-hand shopping queen!

This is the only picture I have of her holding you but I love it:CSC_1810

Poor little bug. This was taken at your cousin Addi’s Baby Shower, and you were not happy with all of the stimulation of the day!

Did you know she was talking about you on the day she went to be with Jesus? I think I’ll always hold that memory in my heart. She had taken the day off from work to go to the dentist. The dental assistant’s name was Genevieve, but she goes by “Evie”. Great-grandma was so excited to hear that, and told the lady how she has a great-granddaughter who also goes by “Evie”. 

She led by example to selflessly put others first and to cherish family. I pray that I can emulate her in some small way.

I love you, Evie!