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I LOVE the Advent and Christmas season (who doesn’t?). Growing up our family had many different traditions for Advent and Christmas, and when Tim & I got married I couldn’t wait to start implementing our own. Last year we were waiting, waiting, waiting to buy our own home, and our Christmas/ Advent decorations were in storage along with pretty much everything we owned. When we finally closed on our house I couldn’t wait to start making our house a home, and begin celebrating seasons and holidays with our little family.

This year with a baby due right before Christmas, and 16 month old who loves pulling down and playing with every-not-a-toy-thing within her reach, I knew that a traditional Christmas tree was just not in the cards for us. For me, this stinks because I love decorating Christmas  trees. My mom started collecting ornaments for each of us since we were born, and each of my siblings and I have our own box. I started collecting for Evie once we found our we were expecting. Somehow, I coped with the huge sacrifice of our our non-tree decision and made plans of other fun ways to prepare and celebrate.

I made a whole list of goodies to bake, books to read to Evie, cleaning to do, Christmas cards to send, and festive activities we could attend. Many of these things have since been scrapped from the list or put on hold. Some of the festivities I’ve forgone due to Tim’s work schedule and my not loving toting around a 25lb. little one by my pregnant self. Then the past week+ happened. My loving Grandma passed away, Evie is sick had her first ER visit Wednesday night followed by a Drs. visit the next day, and Tim is taking a grad class this week that is several hours every evening and all weekend. So, I’m waving my white flag of surrender.

Most nights our Advent wreath doesn’t get lit. Our wreath for the front window is sadly lying on the front porch. Apparently those books I wanted to read to Evie are not in her rotation- I’m lucky if I get through page 2 before she promptly closes them and hands me another. And the Christmas baking is just not happening.

I know it’s not yet Christmas or even Gaudete Sunday, but somehow I feel God telling me to just let go of all my plans and do what I can, taking each moment as it comes. This post by Maryan sums it up nicely- “Make your house fair as you are able”.

Maybe one year I’ll be able to bake up a storm, go all-out decorating a real tree, and carry out a variety of Advent traditions, but for now I’ll try being thankful that our family is together in our own home, and content with the little things we can do to prepare for His coming. :)