Linking up this Gaudete Sunday over at Fine Linen and Purple.

This past week was crazy and emotional, and I need a breather. My due date is this week, but I’d be very much okay if Baby girl decides to be fashionably late! The strange thing is my mom had very similar events happen when she was pregnant with my oldest sister (same time of year too!), and she delivered a month late- I know, would never happen today.

Anyway, enough about me but here’s more:



The hair that never stays in place.


Outfit 411:

Blouse: Burlington Coat Factory

Sweater: Old Navy

Pants: Gap Maternity

Shoes: Candies via Kohls (Confession: I literally just saw these on another blog a week ago! I’d been looking for a pair of black pumps and these are on sale, plus I was able to use a 20% off coupon, so I snagged them.)

Earrings: NY&Co

Necklace: Gift

Bracelet: from Ecuador (gift)

For your listening pleasure, here’s a Christmas song I’m lovin’.

…and since it’s still Advent.


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