From this picture one might think I tried to wash our comforter , bath mats, + an area rug or two. False. This was a regular load, maybe a *tad* on the heavy side. Our washer is just insane.


The best of Thanksgiving:


I snagged that hat at Wegmans for $5 thinking it would be cute for Evie, but she refused to keep it on. I’m glad it got some use!

Christmas spirit:


When Daddy puts the socks on:DSC_1668

“These shoes rock”:



And on a very random note, one of Tim’s co-workers hunts, and generously gave us a good amount of Venison meat. I have no idea how to prepare it or even how it cooks, so I’m hoping Allrecipes.com has some fail-proof, fool-proof Venison recipes!

Hope you all have a Merry Christmas!