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I’ll begin on Christmas Eve since that was the day of my last OB appt. and NST at the hospital. Truth be told I was quite irked at the OB office receptionist ladies for scheduling me on the 24th. The doctor had said at my previous appt. that coming in on the 26th was kosher with him since the office was closed on Christmas. I told this to the ladies when I was checking out but according to them, NO WAY could I come in a whole day beyond my weekly appointment day (did that make sense?).  Anyway, my appointment was thankfully quick and there was no change since my previous appointment- a whoppin’ 2cm dilated. Next I went in for my NST at the hospital. I was kind of tearful toward the end of the NST because I felt it was taking forever and that OB appointments were usurping my life- I just wanted to be home with my family to prepare for Christmas! Thankfully it was uneventful and I was sent on my way. By then I had concluded that this delivery would be just like the last- I would most likely be induced.

My induction was scheduled for the 31st so I mentally began labor-planning around that date (i.e. putting off grocery shopping and cleaning until the last second). Thursday night rolled around and I received an automated message from the OB office reminding me of my date with Pitocin on Monday. It’s always nice to be reminded to have your baby. Tim and I watched a couple of episodes of Inspector Lewis on Netflix, and I think around this time I recall having some light contractions but nothing major, and I fell asleep around 11. I had zero contractions with Evie before the induction, so I was hesitant to think this could be it. I woke up next around 0110 needing to empty my extremely squished bladder but realized I was having more contractions. They were painful enough that I couldn’t go to sleep just then, so I might as well stay up and time them (but figured no way would they be close enough to call the MD). I spent the time doing important things like washing Evie’s sippy cups and cleaning up a bit JUST in case this was go time.

Around 0230 I woke Tim up to let him know I was having contractions 5-8 min. apart and was going to call the OB after I showered. This was about the time they started getting stronger and pretty darn painful! I was on hold for about 5 min. waiting to talk to someone at the exchange, and then the operator woman proceeded to make a “haha” comment about how my due date was 1-2-2-1-1-2…and I was thinking, “Woman, just get the doctor on the line!”. He told me to go to the hospital to get checked, so Tim called my brother to ask if he or my SIL could come stay with Evie.  We were so grateful they had offered to stay until my mom could come, especially since they live only minutes from us.

We took off for the hospital shortly after 3am when my brother arrived. Now, we live off a 2 lane road that is a 50mph speed limit but people often drive below that, and tonight was no exception! Twice we got behind cars going about 40 and Tim mercifully passed them (maybe illegally). On the way I told Tim how all I wanted was an epidural as I just did not have it in me to use any of the non-medicated labor techniques we’d learned in a class we took before Evie.

We got to the hospital around 0330 and walked into L&D, stopping for a contraction. Several people were at the desk looking at me so I said, “My doctor told me to come in?”. They found my info and took us to our room. I did the change into the glam backless gown routine and got hooked up to the monitors. The contractions were really painful at this point and my nurse told me they could see about getting me an epidural as soon as we were registered. I know there’s probably no other way to go about this, but it is the worst idea ever to ask a laboring woman all sorts of registration questions! Right as the registration woman was asking me to sign some forms I had a very long contraction that WOULD NOT STOP. The baby kept moving all over and I just said, “It’s not stopping! It really hurts!”. The nurse had me lay on my left side as the baby’s HR had dropped into the 70s, and several other nurses came in the room. My nurse asked me if I was feeling lots of pressure “down there” and decided to check me. She said I was 9cm dilated, aaand it was too late for an epidural. I cried. Not dramatic sobbing thankfully, but definite tears. I seriously felt like this was all something out of a movie.

Quick side track- As I mentioned before I had thought all along this delivery would be like my first:

-Scheduled induction many, many days late

-Arrive at the hospital  during the day, with my hair done and me looking semi-decent

-Wonderful epidural to nix the pain

So far with this delivery:

-No induction, but arriving many days late

-arrive  in the middle of the night looking dissheveled with nary a spot of make-up on

-no deliverance from labor pains, except by way of natural delivery

Back to the story…

Tim was so great through all the contractions; I felt like I was breaking his hand every time from  squeezing so hard. My doctor still hadn’t arrived, so the on-call OB was right outside the room just in case. My nurse put an O2 mask on me, talking me through the blasted contractions. I started to feel like I had to push and was told to go ahead. Then on-call OB came in and all I remember was that he was really kind. My doctor showed up a few minutes later, broke my water at 0416 and told me to start pushing during the next contraction. The pushing actually helped ease the pain BUT (sorry to anyone who has a fear of labor pains) when the baby started coming out it was the.worst.pain.ever. I screamscreamscreamed- the only other time I think I’ve screamed like that was when I tore my ACL playing flag-football in college. The funny thing is a very small part of me wondered what the medical staff were thinking- I mean, did other women ever scream like that during labor? I screamed that it hurt, maybe used a colorful metaphor and then apologized but everyone kept telling me I could do it and the baby was coming. All I could think was, I do not want to do this! I need a c-section! Well, after another push Audrey Noelle arrived at 0420 on December 28th 2012, 8lbs. 11oz., one week after her due date. In all the rush to get to the hospital I forgot to grab the camera (!!!) but Tim took some post birth pictures on his phone.

If I had known beforehand how labor would go I don’t think I could have gotten through it. Thank the Lord for His grace! December 28th is also the anniversary of my grandpa’s death and I kept asking him to intercede for me during the labor. It’s special to me that Audrey shares that date with him- his birth into (we hope) heaven and her birthday. We are in love with Audrey- she is the sweetest baby, and it feels wonderful to not be pregnant!

audrey audrey1AudreyN DSC_1835 DSC_1850120

Sadly, the only family photo we have.

Sadly, the only family photo we have.148