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They say in marriage it’s important not to insist on your being right and your spouse wrong. Well, Tim and I only play the “I’m right, you’re wrong” cards for the really important things. You know, like if the lyrics to the Alanis Morisette song are:

“It’s the good advice that you just can’t take” or “just didn’t take”,


if it’s Steve Martin or Chevy Chase who played in the HomeAway.com Super Bowl commercial,


if the candy in ET used to lure the alien into the house was M&Ms or Reeces Pieces…like I said, the really important things.

But there are times when we’re both wrong and we begrudgingly have to admit it to each other. Like when I always thought the lyrics to “The Perfect Nanny” song in Mary Poppins were, “Castro oil, or  glue”, and Tim thought some lyrics were, “put toads in your bed and pepper in your teeth“.  (His explanation for this cracks me up- nanny’s back then were older, so they probably had fake teeth.)

Even though I hate to admit when I’m wrong, I still love you, honey. ;)