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Some- nay,  all days Evie makes me wonder if she suffers from Pica. The child loves to put everything of substance in her mouth, and has thus far successfully ingested (that I know of) crayon, sand,  paper napkin, part of this book:


paper adhesive from one of her toys, potting soil, the computer I’m typing on (just kidding), the end of a banana peel, and something too horrific to mention on a measly little blog. I’m constantly having conversations- or I guess monversations since it’s only me doing the talking- with her reiterating that “we only put food in our mouths!”.  As you can tell, I’m a star at toddler communication.


“I thought I was sitting in a pit of brown sugar.”

If she wasn’t such a good eater (she hasn’t yet met a food she didn’t like!) I might seriously think about mentioning my mom-diagnosis at the next Dr. appointment.

That, and I know my mom would most likely tell me similar stories about my siblings and I once upon a time eating inedible and vile objects, which probably prompted the Mr. Yuk stickers to be plastered all over our house when we were younger. C’est la vie, que sera sera, or something like that.



BTW- you can get free sheets of the stickers from UPMC. I know, free neon green adhesive materials of a sour face? Every woman’s  dream.