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Linking up over @ Time Flies for Ana’s Mid-Winter craft fest!

DIY projects always look so fun, especially clothing re-fashions, but I cannot sew (wish I could!). My sister, some friends, and I took some sewing classes when we were younger where I made a drawstring bag, nightgown, and…culottes. The fab skirt/shorts were made with a material sort of like this:


Yes, it was the 90s. Should any of us be held accountable for our style choices from that decade? I think not. Since then I’ve pretty much forgotten all but how to thread a needle.

So when I saw this no sew tutorial over on Merrick’s Art I immediately knew I wanted to try it! None of my sweaters were begging to possibly get ruined, so I thought I’d try the tutorial out with an old shirt.

Here’s my Pinspiration:


Boring ol' shirt:




Paste (or paint):



DSC_2362 CSC_2360

Here are my thoughts:

I fully read the paint label after I applied the second coat. I bought puffy paint, or at least I assume “Dimensional fabric paint” is code for that.

I’m not 100% in love with how it turned out (and the paint leaked a bit on the J)- I think I’ll just wear it around the house.

BUT I will definitely try the process again! Maybe with plain onesies and someday a sweater.

Many, many successful DIYs can be found here.