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I made the jump and crossed something off my unofficial Spring Bucket List today. I braved the hour-long drive and took the girls to the Playseum in MD. Let me just say it is the epitome of little kid friendly! I didn’t know what it was like inside, and after a crazy round-about drive thanks to the GPS, one extra circle around the busy block, and quarters eaten by the parking meter, I was greeted by friendly, kind-to-mom’s-with-babies staff who let Evie have her run of the place. We met up there with some of her cousins and had a great afternoon. The girls were such troopers!

Tim’s schedule is super busy and his free time sporadic, so I’m trying to go out by myself more with the girls lest we catch cabin fever. It always sounds like such a good idea until I remember Audrey eats every 2 hrs., both kids are  in diapers, I should probably feed Evie before I go anywhere, and oh yeah, Evie still naps twice a day so we have just a slice of time to go somewhere with at least a modicum of kid-friendliness (basically any place with carts).

Well, here are some places on my list:

Bull Run Bluebell trail– Never been but I’ve heard lots of good things about it. It doesn’t look like we’ll make it into DC to view the Cherry Blossoms, so I think this will be a nice compromise.

Our local Farmer’s Market- I look forward to this not only for the fresh produce, but also because it’s an event that allows me to break out the large and in charge double stroller. Hopefully I won’t knock down a stall…

Frying Pan Farm Park– Cute little farm with a variety of animals, a playground, picnic tables, seasonal events, and a Carousel (I didn’t see it on the website, but it was in use last time I was there). Best part? The admission fee is nada.

Now we shall see if I cross any of these off that very long list…