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I’m sure most parents often shake their heads in bemusement at funny things their kiddos say or do, so this is nothing new, but I have to share it anyway! Lately, Evie has become such a character, and has provided us with many a laugh.

One evening Evie walked up to Audrey (fast asleep in her bouncy seat) with a soft brush and, deciding that her hair needed some tidying, proceeded to bend down and brush it- with the hard plastic side. She repeated this several times.

One morning I heard a slew of indecipherable babble sounds, then Evie comes into view saying, “ooooh!” as she puts on one of my bracelets she swiped off my dresser.DSC_2590

The other day as I was nursing Audrey, Evie walked up, took the remote control off the coffee table and pressed all the correct buttons to turn on her Baby Einstein DVD that was in the player. I kid you not. She then took a seat in her little chair and folded her hands in her lap while she enjoyed the feature presentation. How could I say, “No TV right now” after that move?


If I had a $ for every time I caught her lounging in Audrey’s bouncy seat…I could probably buy a new one.


My favorite was the other evening when in a burst of vigor, Evie decided to take her crayon to the kitchen wall. Purple scribble on the wall, delightful. I think someone was praying for me at the time because I could not help but laugh when I saw her do it. Maybe it was also because I’ve been wondering when it would happen. Why is coloring on the wall like some right of passage kids have to go through?


Any time she gets her hands on my iPod touch or my sister’s iPad, she slides the little locked screen button over and then starts touching the apps on the screen/ sliding the screen over for more options. I think she’s better at using it than I am! She also automatically puts any phone she gets her paws on up to her ear saying, “O?!” (hello) and “BYE.”

Are you sure you’re only 19  months old?