So, I know I’ve talked before about swearing off Old Navy, d/t the lack in quality of several purchases, but lately ON is offering some duds that are almost too good to pass up. I greatly like all of the trends showing up lately- lace (and eyelet), stripes, bright colors, polka-dots, etc. SO fun. I’ve noticed ON has made some really cute pieces with these trends.

For our rehearsal dinner (almost!) a few years ago, I really wanted to find a white sundress to wear, but everything I found was wayyy out of my price range. I went instead with something I already had. rehearsal

Since then I’ve kept my eye out for a cute, white summery dress. I recently spotted this one on Quicksilver’s website:


But again the price is just well over what I want to dish out, and since I don’t have the figure of a hip-less 16 year-old surfer girl, it’s a tad too young for me.

Enter Old Navy:


 I did try this on in the store, and truthfully I wish it was a smidge longer. I ended up buying it because I could not resist the price (I know that’s a smart-shopper no-no), and I’ll probably stick to flats and flip-flops when wearing it.


I have a hard time finding the right sizes at Lands’ End* so I rarely shop there, but I noticed some really cute blouses while perusing their catalogue. I like this polka-dot number, but I think it’s pricey for a top:


Old Navy strikes again:


I don’t need any blouses, so a polka-dot blouse will stay on the wish list for now. But I think Old Navy might be a NEW favorite for me. ;)

*They do have a cute line- Lands’ End Canvas- that’s worth mentioning! It’s targeted towards young adults, and they have pretty good sales.