I might split this into two whole posts since I took so many pictures this w/e. Saturday the weather was beautiful- warm and sunny. Tim had a lot of reading to do for his class this coming week, but took a break to walk around outside with the girls and I (sadly, the one downside to our property is that there’s no place we can take walks with the stroller, so strolling around our yard it is). Evie LOVES being outside and it is meltdown central whenever we come back indoors (little does she know the screaming ‘tude makes me want to take her outside even less). Nevertheless, it was great to get some topical Vit. D, and enjoy all the bright flowers popping up…and grimace at all the dead leaves and branches we need to rake.

Later Evie & I dyed some eggs- some hard-boiled and some raw. Yes, I grabbed the wrong carton out of the fridge and didn’t realize it until I dyed most of them and saw a broken one leaking all over the carton! But it could have been a lot worse.

To be honest, I thought I was being a little too adventurous combining eggs, several cups of dye, and a toddler into one event, but Evie did really well plopping the eggs into the cups, and she was so cute scribbling on the eggs with her crayon.

That evening I made a Raspberry & Lemon Coffee Cake to take to our fam Easter gathering- more on that later, gator.

I truly love holiday and Holy day traditions and can’t wait to implement more of them over the years. :)