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I’m kicking myself for not getting a fam Easter photo, but we scrammed out the door to try and get to mass as early as possible, and then by the time we got home Audrey was sporting footie PJs, and Evie was beyond over-due for a nap. This shot of Evie is all I have. :( The girls looked so cute in their dresses!


To be honest mass was a little hard for me to fully enter into. There was an insane back-up just to get into the parking lot (even w/ 2 policemen directing traffic!) which stressed me out a tad, and we didn’t even think we’d get seats. Of course I thought ridiculous things like, “Why must everyone and their mom go to the same mass we chose?!”. Thankfully my sister saved us spots! Then treks to the bathroom past a room full of mass attendees watching the mass on a screen, for back-to-back diaper changes during the homily did not help my focus. At least Easter is a full season, right?

The rest of the day was spent at my parent’s house with most of my siblings, and Tim’s cousin + fam. We had a great time, and the kids didn’t seem to mind having the Easter egg hunt indoors. Good food and good company makes for a great celebration.

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