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I’ve read some great posts lately about creating a functional wardrobe, and it got me thinking about my everyday wear- especially for summer. To be honest, what I came up with really isn’t all that different from what I usually wear in the summertime, just this time I actually decided to put thought into what’ll work for me instead of buying at random.

My goal is to focus on what works for me now, not what I think is cute but will rarely to never wear. And *hopefully* I’ll cut down on frivolous spending/ impulse buys. I plan to be outside a lot this summer, playing with the girls and working in the yard, and if Audrey’s still breastfeeding I need tops that are, um, flexible.  I want to keep things pretty basic and less fussy.

*In reality outfits + accessories I wear to mass on Sundays are not always very practical for wrangling little kids, but mass is special and it’s the one day a week I dress up, so I think I’ll keep that status quo.*

Here’s what I’ve listed for my everyday summer garb: Comfy tees/ tanks, shorts, jeans, and a maxi skirt. Um, tees and shorts for summer? Thank you, Captain Obvious. I know no one else has ever compiled a list like that, so you’re all glad I’m sharing. ;) I’ll be a bit more specific:


I purchased some cheap undershirts and made (painted) this shirt:


Looks a little lopsided here, but it looks okay on.

from this DIY tutorial. I’m hopin’ to try out one or two more patterns (any ideas?).

Found some more simple v-neck tees (for $5.80!) thanks to La Vie Petite.

My intention is to find some tees that I can wear with jeans shorts and flip-flops, or dress up a bit w/ a necklace and jeans or a skirt.


These eyelet shorts = so cute and feminine. I had my eye on them all last summer, but they ran out of my size by the time they came on super mark-down. Durn. I love how they’re a bit dressier.shorts

Last summer I searched high and low, and then higher and lower for a pair of cuffed jeans shorts (you know when you have a picture in your mind of a clothing item and just can’t find it?!), and finally found an under $20 pair at Forever 21. Love ’em. Darker wash, and not too distressed or short. I love the pair Reece is sporting here:



I think Laura covers this better than I ever could (and check out the rest of her series!). I have a couple of pairs that I’m happy with right now, but I also really like how colored jeans add a genuine pop of color to a simple outfit.



Maxi skirt:

I am very extra late to the maxi skirt party, I know, but I really wasn’t 100% in love with them when they first stormed the clothing racks. Now I am a believer, though, and I like how you can easily dress them up or down.



My plan is more JBI (just buy it) than DIY.

Throw some wedges, jewelry, and sandals in the mix to accessorize and I think that about covers it! Although in the interest of full disclosure, the summer months find me almost everyday in my Rainbow sandals. I probably look like a bum in them but they are just too comfortable and I’ve worn them all over!

Any summer staples you love? Do tell.