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Okay, so we don’t exactly live in the boonies, I’m long on the melodramatic today. Suburbia is about two minutes away but we live in a rural-ish area. Anyway, prepare yourself for a sad saga.

1. Our poor mailbox. It has gotten knocked over about 4 times now. We’re talking the whole box and crossbar knocked clean into the abyss if the drainage ditch. We think our neighbors’ trash collectors knocked it over the first and second times. The box sits so precariously now, that I’m sure if the mailman sneezed in front of it, it would topple over. I just feel so badly for my husband who worked so hard to install it in the first place!

Taken sneakily from inside- didn't want our neighbors thinking I'm plotting a law suit.

Taken sneakily from inside- didn’t want our neighbors thinking I’m plotting a law suit.

I’m tempted to go out and find one made of iron, or steel, or Nalgene- isn’t that stuff supposed to be indestructible?

2. The county can come on in and usurp your property. A couple of months after we moved in, we received a letter from the county “asking” if they could purchase part of our property to make alterations to the road out front. As I understand it our options were pretty much “Yes” and “Yes”, as in if we had said “no way” they would’ve said “sorry, but yes way”.

I went to the grocery store with both girls yesterday, and I came back to find our driveway blocked by machinery digging in our yard. What could I do but drive up our neighbor’s driveway and park on their grass. Then I lugged both girls into the house and made the trek to unload the car. Fun times. This morning they’re baaaack:


Thanks for the notice, guys! And for compensating us for the use of our property. Oh, wait- you haven’t done that yet, but sure, take over our yard. For now we’re stuck inside since I don’t want Evie breaking free from my grasp to run off to the mayhem. So no walking around outside like this:

DSC_3054 DSC_3053

3. ANTS. Bane of my existence. I know you don’t have to own your home in order for ants to invade, but I’m on a roll here. We have a contract with a bug man to come every 3 months and spray for ants inside and out. And the ants STILL COME  marching in right around every 3 month mark!

4. Your neighbors might tell you they had a hand in building your house.  Not that this is necessarily a bad thing, but two of our neighbors have let us know they helped build our house when they were young lads. So when everything’s not *quite* straight, even, or up to code you know why…