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I mentioned a while back how Evie graduated from coloring on paper to coloring on walls. This has not remained a one-time incident. I thought I’d just put the crayons out of reach for a few months (or years) and that would be that. However, Evie spotted them (always put things out of sight!) and she looked so sad pointing up to her crayons. So we had a nice heart-to-heart wherein I firmly told her the only place we color is on the paper. Evie even verbalized her understanding (okay, she babbled a string of non-words and pointed to her drawing pad). But I really thought we were of one mind in regards to proper places to color.

First masterpiece. Notice the vigor with which the artist placed the crayon strokes.

First masterpiece. Notice the vigor of the artist’s crayon strokes.

Not so.

She has since experimented on the walls with pink crayon and pencil. But I really can’t complain much- small crayon and pencil scribbles are nothing in the grand scheme of things, AND I’m sure there are many more “masterpieces” to look forward too in the years to come. I’m giddy with excitement.

Thankfully my one ear-ringed man took care of it. BTW- I love the Magic Eraser, but has anyone else noticed the paint fading in the areas you used it on? Maybe it’s the way I use it or the kind of paint we have.

I don’t know if I’ll ever get used to the everything-we-own-becoming-property-of-the-kids life-style, but I guess I better, huh? Maybe God’s trying to teach me lessons in detachment. ;)