One of the adorable things I’m finding about toddler-hood is the list of vocabulary words they start to compile. It’s like a light-bulb goes on and they start to say more and more words each day. Evie keeps us laughing because she uses a lot of inflection when she speaks, and many of her words come out like questions. Here are some of her words:

Mmouuuf?= Mouth

a-MO?= Elmo (What is it about that furry red monster?! Cookie Monster and Oscar are way better.)

Ah-man= Amen

Ee-ee= Her name

Moan?= Moon

A-PUH?= apple


Hush* = when the small one is sleeping.

Fow-der?= Flower

And some of her phrases:

Is it?!= Where is it?

Ere she-is= What she says whenever she finds something she’s looking for.

I see YOU!

Hi! Guh-guh= Her universal greeting. Still trying to figure out the “guh-guh” meaning.

Ach. Hot. Don’t tuss.= The oven

No, no, no, no, no, no, tuss. = Her response to things the woman parent has told her are verboten.

Go!Go!Go! = When she “runs”

Hep peas.= Help please. (Only a few sparkling moments where this was uttered. Whenever we ask her to say “please” it’s usually met with stubbornness and fussing).

We’re also often experience a (constant) sound when she wants things, along the lines of “mmm-MMMM?!”. While endearing, I have my limits of how many times in a row I can hear it. Needless to say, I’m working on my patience while also trying to work with Evie on using words to communicate. :)



*I credit Goodnight Moon for that one.