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My friend and I decided to meet at Chick-fil-a for breakfast with our combined 4 kids today. Later we decided to wait to do that again in about 15 years. And I will joyfully remain home bound for the next day or two.

You should know that getting myself ready to leave the house before 1030 is quite a feat, and I think I can count on two fingers the times I have done so since Audrey was born. It was nice, though, to be showered, dressed, and out the door by 0815 today. Once I am out with the girls the major obstacle for me is- how to get them out of the car and into the building of destination. There are only so many places that accommodate a double-wide stroller, and holding a baby-carrier while baby-stepping with Evie is my last preferred mode of getting from point A to point B. Anyway, I chose the latter today since we parked close enough to the door. However, as I was extracting Evie I detected a BM odor wafting  from her diaper. I’m sure most people will agree that diaper changes during outings  are not favorite things.

Well, we made it into the bathroom and thankfully cleaned up without incident. Although, I could not for the life of me get their diaper dumping machine to open, and didn’t have any disposable bags with me, so I tossed the offending diaper into the regular trash. (Sorry, everyone else who uses that bathroom! Desperate times!) Breakfast went well, Audrey slept,  and us ladies were able to do our catch-up chat in several minute increments without interruption. After we ate the kiddos wanted to get down, so we moved our camp  into the play-place. Okay, Evie only started walking in mid-December so we haven’t been to many playgrounds or places with climbing apparatuses. I was nervous about her climbing around without me behind her, so I was trying to keep an eye on her while calling out (probably useless) advice like, “Feet first!” and the grown-up favorite, “Careful!”, and simultaneously trying not to think about how many germs could be latching onto her.

While my friend and I chatted, I took Audrey out of her carrier and realized she’d #2ed her outfit. Lovely! I whipped out my diaper-changing gear and went to work right there. Poor little baby started shrieking and crying. Now, Audrey has thus far been SUCH a good baby. Hardly makes a peep, rarely cries, so I was working up a nerves-induced sweat trying to change her outfit & diaper, calm her down, talk to my friend, make sure Evie  had all appendages intact, all while trying to act like this was no big deal and I had control.

Awful, awful, awful. Audrey continued her melt-down so I decided to nurse her. (Nursing in public also tops my list of non-favorite things because, you know, wrestling with the cover while trying not to flash any costumers is always a barrel of fun.) After a full nursing session she still was not calming down so I made the command decision it was time to go home, stat! My friend was so patient and kind about it all, and helped gather the mobile kids and clean up our table. We said our good-byes and agreed to maybe try this again when the kids are not-little.

Once we made our grand exit and were buckled into the car, I drove through the drive-thru to get something for Tim. I had planned to make a trek to Costco later but I’m not sure if I have enough stamina. Oh, how I wish every store/ eatery had a drive-thru. :)