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I’m glad for each of my girls that they have a sister, and I hope they’ll always be friends. I’m so curious to see how their personalities will develop as they grow, and how they’ll interact with each other.

Evie is our little social butterfly. She LOVES to be around people and gets especially excited when other kiddos are around- even if they’re complete strangers.

She’s also a little Chatty Cathy and jabbers on and on.


Looking at books, wreaking havoc exploring, and accessorizing are her favorite activities. She’s starting to learn a few letters and numbers.

DSC_2841 - Copy

She loves to hold and smother her little sister with kisses- she’ll get really close and solemnly press her pacifier or forehead to Audrey’s face, with eyes wide open the whole time. It’s all very dramatic.

She has her moments of grief but we love her all the same. ;)


Audrey is just a calm, cuddly little baby. She’s so sweet and has the most precious smile with the pudgiest cheeks. She recently found her voice and has loud spurts of squawking (so cute!). Pacifiers are not her thing (unlike her sister). She’s happy to just be held and observe all the commotion around her, and lights up whenever anyone gives her attention (although it kind of breaks my heart, like the only thing her little heart wants is to be loved).

I’m interested to see if she’ll be our quiet munchkin next to Evie’s bold personality.


Although…she’s not really a munchkin. She started fitting into 6mo. clothing before she even turned 3 months old! I’m forever sorting through the girls’ clothing, putting some away, taking the next size out, so I’ve just succumbed to leaving the storage bags out in their room for now.

They look so much alike at times, but they each have their own distinct look too. They are both about the same age in these photos:

One of my sisters gave me a magnet that says, “Sisters and chocolate make life better”. I think that’s about right (except, okay, maybe wine too). ;)

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