So, sad story. There’s this field down the road from our house that all of a sudden, this spring, became awash in yellow (Goldenrod, I think).  It looks almost exactly like this but without the barn.



Especially when the sky is deep blue, the sun is shining (and the birds are singing, and butterflies fluttering) it just looks completely gorgeous. Anyway, every time I’d drive by I would just be floored by the beauty and wanted so badly to stop and take a photo. One day we passed it and saw a man all dressed for work (shirt, tie, pants) taking a photo. I thought that was so cool. Not long after I noticed a few more people stopping for pictures, so I was determined to get a photo too!

The only place to pull a car over is on a long gravel driveway, and the day I was going to try for my big shot we were coming back home from somewhere and saw an old truck blocking the entrance to the drive with a “Posted” sign in the window. I couldn’t read the small writing but could only assume it was a “stay the H away from my property” note. The truck is now gone but there are “No Trespassing” signs all over. :(

Yes, I know people have a right to keep their property to themselves, and maybe they’ve had a big problem with trespassers, who knows, but it makes me a little sad to see someone unwilling to let others share in God’s creation, you, know? It’s nice to see people “stopping to smell the roses” and partaking in beauty. Anyway, that’s all I’ve got for today. Happy Wednesday!