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This is my first time linking up over at Clan Donaldson for Theme Thursday. Every week you post photos according to a different theme.   Today I have two of my favorite sky pictures that I’ve taken (both older- is that allowed?), and one current one. So…


This one I took several years ago with my relic of a film camera. It’s of the USS Arizona at Pearl Harbor. The quality isn’t great, but I always loved how the rainbow showed up right above the wreckage- a reminder of God’s promise.


This was taken with my first digital camera in Santa Barbara. Blurry photo, but prettiest sunset I’ve ever seen!

Okay, two more. This Dogwood is right outside my kitchen window. Makes for a pretty view while scrubbing dishes, and can’t complain about blue sky. :)

Thank you, Cari for hosting! Go view some awesome, awesome photos here.