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Joining Jen at Conversion Diary for some 7QTs (been a while!).



First off, this is my 4th post in a row! I don’t think I’ve ever accomplished that; maybe not even 4 in one week for that matter. So, cheers (or is there an online equivalent? click?)!


I just found out of the plans this week for my HS 10-year reunion. I cannot believe it has been 10 whole years, and I did actually have the cliché, “What have I done with my life?” thoughts. I also immediately emailed my close friends to make sure they’d be there too, because you know, I’m still like a high-school girl who needs her friends around at social events.


I also received my engagement ring back this week from its yearly cleaning/ tune-up, and had to take a picture because it will look dingy and shine-less before I know it. Not to be all “Look at my ring!”, but really- I can’t get over the shine! And not an iota of grime!



There are a few books I’ve been wanting to read, so I logged on to the online library system to check availability. One of them had 64 requests…I had forgotten my all-time favorite part about renting library books. :p I guess if I want a book right away I should make sure it’s >10 yrs. old?


So while I’m waiting for about 5 years for the books to become available, I decided to start reading this:


I always find temperament business interesting.


Ever have conversations where you’re not quite on the same page? Here’s one Tim and I had the other night:

Tim: While I was waiting for the oil to be changed I was trying not to pat attention to one of those morning shows that was on, but they were talking about the most stressful states to live in, so I started watching. Guess which one was the most stressful? (as in, you’d never guess this state to be stressful)

Me: mmm…Vermont.

Tim: no.

Me: Florida.

Tim: No…why would those be stressful?

Me: I don’t know!! You tell me!

(BTW, it was WVa- random!)


Ellen of McSisters recently posted about this website where women who struggle with infertility can find support. I know some people find solace when they can connect with others who can relate to their struggles, so I wanted to share it in the hopes that it might help someone!  Here’s a brief description from the site:

“This is a site dedicated to Catholic women dealing with infertility. It is a place for us to share our stories – of both trial and joy – while carrying the cross of infertility. May we find peace and joy in this particular calling as we know our Lord calls us to suffer so that we may unite our sufferings with His.”

Go visit Jen for more takes, and have a good w/e!