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that is our backyard.

I don’t consider myself an especially outdoorsy person (like hard-core hiking, biking, wilderness camping, yada, yada). This pretty much explains my stance on camping:


But I do enjoy being out and about in the sun, and love looking at floral gardens. Not quite “outdoorsy” like Tess on 27 Dresses, though.

“I like yachts. I like flowers. I like, you know, tanning…And I could like soy milk and hiking if I tried it. Maybe.”

Anyway, the previous owner of our house was an avid gardener and we are continually finding new surprises of the floral persuasion in our yard. This is all in spite of the sad neglect our yard has suffered due to busy schedules and very little time for (the massive job that is) yard work. I enjoy taking photos of the different flowers, although I’m not familiar with the names of many of them. That is something I’d like to correct, and I’d also like to try my hand at gardening.

Now, I know this is not a flower and is in fact called a dandelion.


We might have so many because I do like to blow the fluffy ones.

And I was so excited to find this beauty:

DSC_3226 DSC_3229

Which, thanks to my mom, I know is called a bleeding heart. I love how intricate it looks, and that it does look like a heart! I’ve also heard they tend to bloom around Good Friday. How neat is that? Well, folks that’s all for today, but stay tuned for more flower showcase posts from the wilds of our yard. This is your wilderness expert signing off.