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If I had a $ for every one of those plastic “T” thingys I’ve snipped and ripped from new clothing for kids, I could open my own clothing store. And my clothes would never have those horrid things. I think I just removed at least 5 for one PJ set.


I’ve added them to the list of things that are the bane of my existence, along with:


School buses*. Is there not an hour of the day they are not out on the road? Why do we live in a place with so many railroad crossings? Is it June yet? This is so nice, Lisa. Can you please air more of your grievances


Complaints aside, I had an embarrassingly awkward encounter at the store recently. I was with both girls at the checkout, and the clerk started making this sound that sounded like “ooowww”. I thought maybe he nicked his finger or something, but he made it two more times. He was nodding toward Evie, so I thought maybe she’d gotten her finger caught in b/w the metal bars on the cart (she does that). She was fine, so I just smiled and nodded at him like a clueless buffoon. After making the sound a 4th time he says, “I said, ‘HOW OLD'”.  It wasn’t just I didn’t hear what he said once; I had no idea he was emitting words! I turned red, stammered out their ages, and scurried out of there.


It was all very


(Sister Act, anyone?)


Tim often works in the evenings so we don’t eat together a lot of nights. But this week I’m so thankful that he’s eaten with us almost every night! One evening he grilled steak, and we all went to ice cream after dinner. It felt like a holiday or something!!


I don’t ever buy steak, but at Costco I was drooling over perusing the prepared foods section and noticed a slab of marinated steak that had a great price, so I decided I would pick some up. Of course it rang up double the price b/c the price was per pound (And that’s why you read the whole price sign)! Now I remember why I don’t buy steak.


Finally, I am crying for all those in the Mid-west being smothered with snow. In spring! May nothing but warmth and sunshine be headed your way.



Alright, go visit Jen for more Friday takes and have a good one!

*I did ride the school bus when I was younger (our driver was the coolest guy ever), so I guess it’s my turn to be inconvenienced on the road.