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First off, I know I shouldn’t wish the toddler years away, but I wish they were far away. Today has been tantrum mania- flailing limbs, pouty wails, shrieking, tears, etc. Some of Evie’s highlights (or low points, if you will) during mass included crying b/c her cup of  water wasn’t milk, crying b/c her cup wouldn’t fit into the hymnal slot, and declaring, ” He saaad” several times during the Consecration. Some of the things that keep me going are:

A. Knowing there are others are in the same boat.


B. Kind words and smiles from others during the sign of peace (so you don’t wish us un-peace for disturbing you?).

This too shall pass. Moving on to clothing talk:



At least  it’s sunny.DSC_3455Little cherub.


Cardi: ancient

Skirt: Land’s End Canvas

Shoes: DSW

Necklace: Etsy

The girl’s dresses:  thrifted

That’s all for now! Go visit Mandi’s this week for all the Sunday best.