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This past Saturday we met up with some of my fam for the Apple Blossom parade. It’s part of the Apple Blossom Festival and is apparently the longest running parade in the US of A (86 yrs.). The weather was beautiful, but we got mildly fried on our left sides. Surprise! The sun DOES exist. The girls were troopers, and I have never been more thankful for our large and in-charge double stroller!

Never underestimate the glamours of nursing. You can take family photos like this:


We were there almost 5 hrs. and that’s all we got.

It was held in Downtown Winchester where there are streets of incredibly amazing old houses. Most had broad, beautiful front porches with swings and comfy chairs. I wish I could spend a week living in each one.

Each year they have a celeb figure- in years past they’ve had Val Kilmer, Mario Lopez, Lucille Ball, Bing Crosby, etc. This year was Scotty McCreery from American Idol.

DSC_3391 - Copy DSC_3390 - Copy

I’ve never heard any of your songs but I know you’re famous, so I’ll yell your name and snap pictures!

My fav. part was the two Redskin players who also attended!

Pierre Garcon

Pierre Garcon

Chris Cooley

Chris Cooley

And the Skins’ marching band. Sweetness.

CSC_3446 - Copy - Copy - Copy

Everyone stood anytime veterans passed by. I’m a big ball of emotions so I couldn’t help tearing  up as we clapped our thanks to them.

DSC_3433 - Copy

The floats were so neat- the colors of the festival are pink and green, so naturally I loved all the decorations!

And finally, cute photos of the girls. :)

I hope we can go again next year, but I’ll be sure to bring money to buy out all those obnoxious, deafening horns the vendors sell. ;)